Bicycle Boy 03

Mateusz urbanowicz boy 03 small
Mateusz urbanowicz boy 03 bubun 01
Mateusz urbanowicz lines
Pencil linework

Another watercolour illustration from the "Bicycle Boy" series. This time I didn’t have any reference for a place that I wanted to draw so I just made something up from various places I have been to (like Kamakura) and some cool photos I saw on the Internet.

You can see the finished illustration, detail shot, my desk during painting, digital sketch and pencil lines ready to be coloured in.

I also set up a small button on the left side of my tumblr blog so you can see all the illustrations from the series easily.

Ride on Bicycle Boy!

また、「自転車少年」シリーズのイラストを完成しました。これでもう3枚です!どこへ向かってるか、何から逃げているか、誰を探しているか… 次にお楽しみです。