Tokyo Storefront #05

Mateusz urbanowicz 03 miyake 1500
Mateusz urbanowicz img 5027

This illustration, fifth in the “Tokyo Storefront” series actually combines two interesting bicycle shops I found during my explorations of the city. One, already featured in the "Bicycle Boy” series is located at the Kagurazaka shopping street and the second one just a few minutes walk from Kichijyouji.
I really liked the shiny tiles on both that shops but decided to combine the blue foldable roof with the huge sign.
This time also I tried to keep the insides of the shop more vague and colourful with the glass mirroring the roof and sky. It was probably the most technically challenging piece prom the series thus far.

Technical stuff:

- Medium: HOLBEIN Waterford white 300g/m cotton paper
- Lines: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.7mm
- Colours: My watercolours set explained in my blog’s FAQ