Tokyo Storefront #08 Kitchen Kuku

Mateusz urbanowicz 09 kuku 1500
Mateusz urbanowicz img 5458

A new piece in my “Tokyo Storefront” watercolour illustration series. This shop is a lot newer and a lot shabbier than most on the pictures that I did in the series but I find this kind of shops all around Tokyo and even though I don’t like them so much they can have a lot of colour and character.
I found this restaurant / karaoke bar during one of my walks in Kichijyouji district. It is actually a piece of a larger building.

Technical stuff:

- Medium: HOLBEIN Waterford white 300g/m cotton paper
- Lines: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.7mm
- Colours: My watercolours set explained in my blog’s FAQ