Bicycle Boy 05

Mateusz urbanowicz boy 05 small
Mateusz urbanowicz boy 05 detail 01
Mateusz urbanowicz jpeg

Fifth illustration from the "Bicycle Boy" series! This one gave me a lot of trouble and took two days on and off to complete. I really like Japanese trains so I decided to put one in the series.

As the series is more or less half done, I will take a little break from it, and do some other stuff and sketching while I consider where to go with the story.

「自転車少年」シリーズの中間の5枚目です! 今回、好きな日本の電車も描いて見ました。この一枚が以外と難しくて二日間もかかりましたから、シリーズからちょっと休みます。他のものを描きながらストーリーを考えます。