Cold In Yokohama 07

Mateusz urbanowicz final 1500
Mateusz urbanowicz final 1500 detail a
Mateusz urbanowicz final 1500 detail b

One of the most well trodden walking spots in Yokohama is the foreigner’s residence district with all it’s european looking houses old phone booths and wide stone sidewalks. There is even a stone church!
For this piece I really tried to show how different this place is from everyday Japan you usually see, but also to balance it with the rest of the series.
PS. only one illustration left in the series!

Technical stuff:

- Lines- mitsu-bishi pencils from HB to 8B
- Colours- Shmincke and Winsor and Newton watercolours
- Paper - 300g/㎡ Holbein SAUNDERS cold press F4 size