Bicycle Boy 04

Mateusz urbanowicz 04 small
Mateusz urbanowicz 04 bubun2 small
Mateusz urbanowicz 04 bubun1 small

New watercolour from my "Bicycle Boy" series is done! As I'm used to thinking about things I want to draw in an animation kind of way - with the camera and characters moving - I wanted to try to show movement I'm this illustration series too.

I didn't want to "blur" all the background so I decided to use the "moving car" perspective with only the things close to the camera blurred by the motion. The background and bicycle moving with the same speed remains sharp.

Ride on Bicycle Boy!

「自転車少年」シリーズの新しいイラストです! 僕はいつも絵を描くときにアニメ的な考え方でカメラとキャラクターを動かしたくないますので、このシリーズにもスピード感を出したかった。走ってる車からのパースペクティブで近い背景だけをぼかしました。