Bicycle Boy 10

Mateusz urbanowicz final 1500
Mateusz urbanowicz detail 01
Mateusz urbanowicz detail 02

Finally the last illustration of my "Bicycle Boy" series! This one was probably the most difficult to concept and to paint.

I wanted to keep it in the spirit of the series but also mark it as the last one, concluding the story in an nontrivial manner. Just meeting the girl was not enough - I had to figure out how to show why he was in such a hurry and how to make them equal.

Because of the lighting the painting was very difficult - I even had to use some tricks I used when I was painting proper backgrounds with poster colours. I’m quite satisfied because I managed to keep the Photoshop editing to minimum.

From now on I will post some details about this series - I’m planning to answer to some questions I got and maybe do some how-to posts. I’m also beginning to work on my new project - a short animation so there will be some concept arts and production elements appearing on the blog!