Mateusz urbanowicz whole
Mateusz urbanowicz left
Mateusz urbanowicz right

Finally, managed to finish this weird, mob illustration!

Two days ago, when I went on one of my usual walks near my house, in the direction of Iidabashi I stumbled upon a quite big matsuri (Japanese festival) with food stalls, traditional, music and carrying of the portable shrines on the streets. It looked awesome as always and the image of the crowd stayed in my head.

Yesterday evening I started this drawing as a practice piece to get used to my new Cintiq with only few characters first, but it grew and grew to epic proportions (the original file is almost 10k px wide) and I worked long into the night.

Also, I used only one brush to draw this: one of the fabulous watercolour brushes from Kyle’s Real Watercolours pack. They are A LOT of fun to use! Especially with the natural feel of the Cintiq.