Bicycle Boy 01

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Another watercolour illustration to test some things and rest from using the computer all the time.

It took me a bit more time than I expected (little more than 6 hours) but It feels nice to paint.

This is based on some photos I took last year when I went to Sakuragaoka - the place near Tokyo, where the story of a Ghibli movie “Whisper of the Heart” took place. There are few signs there pointing to places from the movie - but one has to look really hard to find anything except the winding road and a characteristic small shrine. Even the hill from the movie ending scene has been fenced off because too many people tried to trample it.

I did a rough sketch, then did the lines with a smooth 6B pencil, scanned and roughly coloured the lines in Photoshop to test my idea, and then finally painted with Holbein watercolours.