Cold In Yokohama #08 LAST

Mateusz urbanowicz final edit 1500
Mateusz urbanowicz final edit 1500 detail 2
Mateusz urbanowicz final edit 1500 detail 01

“Cold In Yokohama” series, Illustration 08 “Nabe party”

For me winter in Japan always includes eating nabe (hot pot) sitting at the low table with friend and family and picking favourite pieces from the pot. Even better if it’s dark and snowing outside (yes, even around Tokyo we still get snow sometimes although is’s very rare).

For this last illustration from my “Cold in Yokohama” series I tried to picture this mood as best as I could. I hope you enjoyed the series and will stay tuned for the summary tutorial video I’m planning and my next works.

Technical stuff:

- Lines- mitsu-bishi pencils from HB to 8B
- Colours- Shmincke and Winsor and Newton watercolours
- Paper - 300g/㎡ Holbein SAUNDERS cold press F4 size