Cold In Yokohama 03 “Shopping street”

Mateusz urbanowicz final 1500
Mateusz urbanowicz detail 01

Next illustration from my “Cold In Yokohama” series in which I try to show the city on a late autumn or a sunny winter’s day. You don’t get much snow or really grey dull weather here even in midwinter so It’s really challenging to show a chilly morning.
In this piece I used some elements form present Yokohama I saw during my walks in the Motomachi district and combined them with the colourful shopping street atmosphere I saw on some old photos.

Because the illustrations are generally more detailed than the ones from my previous series and have other people rather than just the main character walking around, they take me a lot longer to sketch and paint but are also more fun to do! I will publish a short making-of video and a longer tutorial/documentary at the end of the series.

Technical stuff:
Lines- mitsu-bishi pencils from HB to 8B
Colours- Shmincke and Winsor and Newton watercolours
Paper - 300g/㎡ Holbein SAUNDERS cold press F4 size